92 Derby Road, Chellaston

The second nursery in the chain opened in 1995. 92 is a little school house preparing children for their next big adventure school.

The smallest nursery in our chain this nursery offers a great foundation to a child’s education.

Little Apples (2 ½ - 3 years)

This room is based on the first floor and can offer two rooms to explore.

A balanced curriculum is on offer that adheres to the age bracket. There are lots of creative activities to explore from water play, sand play and a playdough station that little hands can mould and let their imagination run wild. Children lead their own learning through play and interests which allows the practitioner to follow their lead and plan what happens next in their development by providing the resources and activities.

The environment has a large home corner for children to explore and make links to home. Children enjoy cooking or making up games that involve serving plastic food to practitioners or using plastic counting bears as liquid tablets to wash clothes in the washing machine.

Pears Preschool

This preschool is based on the ground floor and offers two rooms to explore. This room is the environment that prepares children for their transition to school.

There are mark making opportunities on offer for children to practice their emergent writing skills or express themselves through drawing pictures. The children are supported with mind mapping that helps them to reflect on work or ideas so the staff can be assured that children can recall information and build on things they have been learning.

Circle time offers lots opportunities for children to come together and work as a large group. Language activities are carried out several times throughout the day supporting the speech and language development of all children. There are lots of books on offer to children in our cosy book area along with homemade dens that children can sit and relax in.

Outdoor Area

This nursery offers a large private play area to the rear of the building.

This garden provides children with the opportunity explore and enjoy many adventures.

There is a large playground, a large safety surface area and a large grass area so the children can experience different activities on different surfaces. From whizzing around on bikes and scooters to dancing around with a parachute. There is also a large slide and spinning tops for more risky play.

There is also a mud kitchen that allows the children to explore, experiment and play in a symbolic way.

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