104 Derby Road, Chellaston

The first nursery in the chain registered in 1993 with Ofsted opened it’s doors to just a small group of children. Now a busy day nursery catering for babies and toddlers.

104 offers a single storey building that is cosy and welcoming to our youngest children.

Staff are highly qualified and offer a wealth of experience working with children under 3 years old.

Buds (0 - rising to 2's)

Buds is a calm place to play and learn with a broad range of activities to stimulate any baby.

Staff are of a very caring nature who build up great relationships with the babies and getting to know their families well.

Staff are able to adhere to all children’s individual needs so they have a good routine balance between home and nursery.

There is an engorgement of sensory play and babies can explore and investigate using their senses.

Staff love to sing and read stories to the babies and enjoy taking them on visits to music time at the local library.

Safe sleep environment for babies and taddlers

Our baby nursery has the luxury of a separate sleep environment equipped with safe sleep resources and monitoring.

Children who are not mobile sleep in cots or if the baby prefers the more cosy sleep environment we have a sleep coracle making the baby feel safe and secure like when in the womb.

Older babies and toddlers that are mobile sleep on sterile beds with fresh linen and blankets.

All sleep is monitored closely by trained staff. No child is left unattended.

The nursery has featured as a safe sleep environment on the Local Safeguarding Board website. To view the podcast on safe sleep visit  https://www.derbyscb.org.uk/training/additional-resources/ and see if you can identify the voice.

Pippins (rising 2 to 3 years)

This toddler room is geared up to meet with the needs of any 2 year old child. Prime development is high on the agenda ensuring a child’s personal, social and emotional skills are being developed. Children learn to take turns, use manners, feed themselves and tidy up their toys, and are learning to use the toilet.

Language is a must and therefore staff spend quality time focusing on language activities. We provide communication friendly spaces to allow the children to feel confident to use language. Stories and  singing are a favourite in this room as toddlers start to show interest in particular songs and books.

Physical opportunities are met with through finger gyms that are little activities set up to challenge any little fingers and brain. Hand eye coordination and cognitive development are supported strongly through these activities. Gross motor development is achieved through outdoor play, wake and shake sessions, disco dough time and dancing and singing along to songs.

This nursery really does provide a great foundation to a child’s journey in education.

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