104 Derby Road, Chellaston

The first nursery in the chain registered in 1993 with Ofsted opened it’s doors to just a small group of children. Now a busy day nursery catering for children age 0-3 years.

Blossoms 0 - 1 years

Our baby unit is a cosy nurturing environment that allows our babies to settle calmly into nursery. Staff are qualified and experienced to work with this age group. The children are offered an engorgement of sensory opportunities as they investigate their learning environment. We love helping our babies hit their mile stones and start developing to become confident toddlers.

Safe sleep environment for babies and taddlers

Our baby nursery has the luxury of a separate sleep environment equipped with safe sleep resources and monitoring.

Children who are not mobile sleep in cots or if the baby prefers the more cosy sleep environment we have a sleep coracle making the baby feel safe and secure like when in the womb.

Older babies and toddlers that are mobile sleep on sterile beds with fresh linen and blankets.

All sleep is monitored closely by trained staff. No child is left unattended.

The nursery has featured as a safe sleep environment on the Local Safeguarding Board website. To view the podcast on safe sleep visit  https://www.derbyscb.org.uk/training/additional-resources/ and see if you can identify the voice.

Buds 1 - 2 years 

Buds is a busy toddler environment as all our children are active learners putting their sensory motor skills to the test.

Staff are qualified to plan and meet with the children’s development and welfare needs through the routine.

Our toddlers love wake and shake time and shaking their sillies out to music. The staff sing, play instruments and read the toddlers lots of stories. There is also lots of messy play opportunities for toddlers to get creative.

Pippins 2 - 3 years 

Pippins is a lively unit designed to challenge children across their seven areas of development. Prime development is high on the agenda ensuring a child’s personal, social and emotional skills are being developed. Children learn to take turns, use manners, feed themselves and tidy up their toys, and are learning to use the toilet.


Language development is very important and staff spend quality time focusing on language activities. Staff read the children’s favourite stories and children select songs to sing and enjoy dancing and dressing up and being imaginative in role play.


Physical opportunities fine and gross motor are on offer in this age range. We want to create independent confident children who have good core balance, the ability to take risk and show a can do attitude to take on any physical challenge.  Gross motor development is achieved through outdoor play, wake and shake sessions, disco dough time and much more. Fine motor skills are important so we offer finger gyms to get the small hand muscles going. Hand eye coordination and cognitive development are supported strongly through these activities.